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I reviewed a few[Web 2.0]( services like [NetVibes](/articles/39) and [JournoTwit](/articles/journotwit-review), tools like [Komodo Edit](/articles/komodo-edit-review), web frameworks like [Akelos](/articles/34/) or [Lithium](/articles/getting-started-with-lithium). Even really cool things like [Wunderlist](/articles/wunderlist) got acquired and eventually killed off. But luckily some things were built to last: + - [AJAX](/articles/what-is-ajax) may not be called that anymore (and we may have most definitely dropped the XML part), but it laid the foundation of modern JavaScript. - [Git](/articles/git-for-the-locals) is now the de-facto version control system. - [SQLite](/articles/quick-overview-of-sqlite) is very widely-used and respected.

@@ -107,24 +108,27 @@ The Ruby ecosystem was full of living legends at the time. Names like the godlike DHH, creator of Rails, Zed Shaw the rockstar developer, Obie Fernandez, and of course _why the lucky stiff. Ruby made me discover the true joy of programming, of feeling like you are creating something useful that behaves exactly like you want it.

I miss those days, I think younger generations are not as lucky. There's too much pressure today, kids want to learn programming just to land a cool and hopefully high-paid job... back then it was all about the fun of creating and learning new things... or maybe I was just younger. -- /articles/hlrb-review -- /articles/the-rails-way-review -- /articles/the-rails3-way-review +While I was developing little Ruby programs, I was also reading a lot of Ruby programming books. I reviewed a lot of them (most of them by Pearson Education, which at the time was the leading publisher for programming books on Ruby) such as: + +- [The Humble Little Ruby Book](/articles/hlrb-review) +- [The Rails Way](/articles/the-rails-way-review) +- [The Rails 3 Way](/articles/the-rails3-way-review) + +And also a few books on software development and agile practices. + +### The Personal Stuff + +That's all very well but... I introduced as my personal web site. And it, although I didn't really post a lot of really *personal* stuff: I always struggled to find my niche. Personal - /articles/20 (vittorio cevasco) -- /articles/12 (job) -- /articles/9 (riddle job) -- /articles/36 (world cup) - /articles/incomplete-guide-to-london - /articles/11-07-2009 - +### The end of blogging and the Nim era - -Recent articles - /articles/10-reasons-why-i-didnt-update-my-blog - /articles/10-programming-languages

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- /articles/litestore - /articles/h3 +### Going forward