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title: "10 more programming languages worth checking out" subtitle: "Another look at 10 non-mainstream programming languages, 10 years later" content-type: article -timestamp: 1544374221 +timestamp: 1545358888 ----- It has been exactly 10 years today since I published my [10 programming languages worth checking out](/articles/10-programming-languages) article on this web site.

@@ -14,16 +14,32 @@ The following 10 sections are devoted to 10 different programming languages. They are not numbered and they are presented in alphabetical order, because there's no winner in this list. Also, the number of people actively using these languages varies quite a lot, but none of these can be considered, at the time of writing, a _mainstream_ programming language like JavaScript, C, C++, Python or Ruby.

<hr /> +### Elixir -### Elixir +Elixir came about in 2011, as an effort to bring more extensibility, metaprogramming and a more [Ruby]( syntax to the [Erlang]( world. If you are already in love Ruby, but you'd like a little bit more oomph, you'll love Elixir: it runs on top of the Erlang virtual machine but it looks and feels like Ruby. + +Over the years Elixir steadily grew in popularity, reached a version 1.0, and it now provides really comprehensive documentation, a friendly community and a rich ecosystem of packages. Also, if you are looking for a Rails/Django/Express equivalent, the [Phoenix]( framework has been used successfully in [many projects]( #### To get you started... * [Official Web Site]( +* [Official learning material]( +* [Official Forum]( +* [Toptal Getting Started with Elixir article]( +* [The hex package manager]( ### Go + +One of the most significant trends in the last 10 years is big companies creating and sponsoring their own programming languages. In 2009, Google created Go as a more modern substitute to C and C++. It provides [structural typing](, memory safety, multi-paradigm support, high performance and concurrency, but also a friendlier syntax. + +One example of a successful application written in Go? [Docker]( of course, and [Kubernetes]( as well. But over the years Go has been used successfully to build almost anything, from web frameworks like [Revel](, data stores like [InfluxDb]( and static site generators like [Hugo]( #### To get you started... + +* [Official Web Site]( +* [Packages]( +* [Go By Example]( +* [Awesome Go]( ### Julia

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### Swift +Swift is Apple's answer to the prayers of many iOS app developers complaining that Objective C was too hard to program with. + #### To get you started... + +* [Official Web Site]( +* [Apple Developer page on Swift]( ### Wren