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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ on just a few common tasks and a small set of hand-picked gems.</p>

<section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_18" class="toc">Command Line Applications</h1> + <h3 id="h_18" class="toc">Command Line Applications</h3> </header> <p><strong>cmdparse</strong> <blockquote>&#8220;cmdparse provides classes for parsing commands on the command line; command line options are

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_19" class="toc">Documentation</h1> + <h3 id="h_19" class="toc">Documentation</h3> </header> <p><strong>glyph</strong> <blockquote>&#8220;Glyph is a framework for structured document authoring.&#8221;</blockquote>

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_20" class="toc">Gem Management</h1> + <h3 id="h_20" class="toc">Gem Management</h3> </header> <p><strong>bundler</strong> <blockquote>&#8220;Bundler manages an application&#8217;s dependencies through its entire life, across many

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_21" class="toc">GUI Programming</h1> + <h3 id="h_21" class="toc">GUI Programming</h3> </header> <p><strong>bowline</strong> <blockquote>&#8220;Ruby/JS <span class="caps">GUI</span> framework&#8221;</blockquote>

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_22" class="toc">Markup and Template Languages</h1> + <h3 id="h_22" class="toc">Markup and Template Languages</h3> </header> <p><strong>bluecloth</strong> <blockquote>&#8220;BlueCloth is a Ruby implementation of Markdown, a text-to-<span class="caps">HTML</span>

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_23" class="toc">Static Web Site Generators</h1> + <h3 id="h_23" class="toc">Static Web Site Generators</h3> </header> <p><strong>jekyll</strong> <blockquote>&#8220;Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.&#8221;</blockquote>

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_24" class="toc">Testing</h1> + <h3 id="h_24" class="toc">Testing</h3> </header> <p><strong>bacon</strong> <blockquote>&#8220;Bacon is a small RSpec clone weighing less than 350 LoC but nevertheless providing all essential

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_25" class="toc">Web Development</h1> + <h3 id="h_25" class="toc">Web Development</h3> </header> <p><strong>rails</strong> <blockquote>&#8220;Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_26" class="toc">Web and App Servers</h1> + <h3 id="h_26" class="toc">Web and App Servers</h3> </header> <p><strong>passenger</strong> <blockquote>&#8220;Easy and robust Ruby web application deployment.&#8221;</blockquote>

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_27" class="toc">XML Parsing</h1> + <h3 id="h_27" class="toc">XML Parsing</h3> </header> <p><strong>hpricot</strong> <blockquote>&#8220;a swift, liberal <span class="caps">HTML</span> parser with a fantastic library&#8221;
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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ <p>&#8230;and it will be automatically downloaded and installed on your system, along with the other gems it depends on.

</p> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_16" class="toc"></h1> + <h3 id="h_16" class="toc"></h3> </header> There are over 1300 different gems publicly (and freely!) available. Luckily, the official gem host site, <a href=""></a> makes it very easy to find what you're looking for: just search
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</aside> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_6" class="notoc">Official Ruby 1.8 Implementation</h1> + <h3 id="h_6" class="notoc">Official Ruby 1.8 Implementation</h3> </header> <p>The official Ruby 1.8 implementation was written in C by Yukihiru Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby.</p> <ul>

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="yarv" class="notoc">Official Ruby 1.9 Implementation</h1> + <h3 id="yarv" class="notoc">Official Ruby 1.9 Implementation</h3> </header> <p>The official Ruby 1.9 implementation is based on a bytecode interpreter written Koichi Sasada.</p> <ul>

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="jruby" class="notoc">JRuby</h1> + <h3 id="jruby" class="notoc">JRuby</h3> </header> <p>An implementation of the Ruby language running on the Java Virtual Machine, mature and usable in production. It offers real threading, performance improvements, and Java interoperability. Fully-compatible with both Ruby 1.8

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_9" class="notoc">Rubinius</h1> + <h3 id="h_9" class="notoc">Rubinius</h3> </header> <p>A C++ and <a href=""><span class="caps">LLVM</span></a>-powered Ruby implementation. Although still not as mature as <span class="caps">YARV</span> or JRuby, it&#8217;s getting there. It currently aims at

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="macruby" class="notoc">MacRuby</h1> + <h3 id="macruby" class="notoc">MacRuby</h3> </header> <p>A Mac-only Ruby implementation compatible with Ruby 1.9, specifically tuned for Mac OS X operating systems.</p> <ul>

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</section> <section class="section"> <header> - <h1 id="h_11" class="notoc">IronRuby</h1> + <h3 id="h_11" class="notoc">IronRuby</h3> </header> <p>A .<span class="caps">NET</span> implementation of the Ruby Programming Language, compatible with Ruby 1.8.6 (IronRuby 1.0) and 1.9 (IronRuby 1.1.1 onwards). Not as mature as the other implementations.</p>
M contents/ruby-compendium/book/index.htmlcontents/ruby-compendium/book/index.html

@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ title: "Ruby Compendium"

content-type: page ----- <nav class="contents"> -<h1 class="toc-header" id="toc">Table of Contents</h1> +<h3 class="toc-header" id="toc">Table of Contents</h3> <ol class="toc"> <li class="frontmatter introduction"><a href="/ruby-compendium/book/intro.html#h_1">So you want to learn Ruby...</a></li><li><ol><li class="frontmatter section"><a href="/ruby-compendium/book/notes.html#h_2">About this Book</a></li></ol></li> <li class="bodymatter chapter"><a href="/ruby-compendium/book/language.html#h_3">Quick Tour</a></li><li><ol><li class="bodymatter section"><a href="/ruby-compendium/book/ten-good-things.html#ten-good-things">10 Good Things about Ruby</a></li><li class="bodymatter section"><a href="/ruby-compendium/book/implementations.html#implementations">Versions and Implementations</a></li><li class="bodymatter section"><a href="/ruby-compendium/book/syntax.html#syntax">Syntax</a></li><li class="bodymatter section"><a href="/ruby-compendium/book/core-stdlib.html#core-stdlib">The Core and the Standard Library</a></li><li class="bodymatter section"><a href="/ruby-compendium/book/features.html#features">Advanced Language Features</a></li></ol></li>