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For this tutorial, more specifically, you need to download (just download, don't install anything!): * "mongoose":, a tiny, standalone (as _in one single file_), cross-platform web server. * "PHP 5.3.0":, not the installer, the zip package. -* "Lithium": (version 0.1, ad the time of writing) +* "Lithium": (version 0.1, at the time of writing) * The "li3_docs plugin": To get the li3_docs plugin you need to "register": on, and clone the li3_docs git repository. If you don't have git installed or you don't want to read "another awesome tutorial": to install it and learn how to use it, I'll save you the hassle and let you download the plugin from "here":/files/, for this time ony.

@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ We're basically extending the @\lithium\action\Request@ with a custom class, telling Lithium how to create the base URL.

After doing so, open **D:\lithium_test\app\webroot\index.php** and change: -@echo lithium\action\Dispatcher::run()@ +@echo lithium\action\Dispatcher::run();@ into: