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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ - "Book (PDF)":

- "Reference Documentation": - "User Group": status: Active -version: 0.1.0 +version: 0.2.0 ----- <%= render 'project_data', :tag => 'glyph' %>

@@ -37,6 +37,9 @@ * Automatically generate a Table of Contents based on the document structure.

* Store common snippets of text in a single YAML file and use them anywhere in your document, as many times as you need. * Store configuration settings in a YAML file and use them anywhere in your document, as many times as you need. * Evaluate Ruby code within your document. +* Include content only if certain conditions are satisfied. +* Define macros, snippets and configuration settings directly within your document. +* Highlight source code. * Call macros from other macros (including snippets), carefully avoiding mutual calls. * Include text files in other text files. * Include the contents of configuration settings (author, title) in the document.

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* @glyph init@ -- to initialize a new Glyph project in the current (empty) directory. * @glyph add introduction.textile@ -- to create a new file called _introduction.textile_. * @glyph compile@ -- to compile the current document into a single HTML file. +* @glyph compile --auto@ — to keep recompiling the current document every time a file is changed. * @glyph compile -f pdf@ -- to compile the current document into HTML and then transform it into PDF using "Prince": +* @glyph compile readme.glyph@ — to compile _readme.glyph_ located in the current directory into a single HTML file h3. Glyph macros in a nutshell