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active: true home: /h3rald/ summary: "This very web site, in its 9th incarnation. has been operative since 2004 and through the years its backend changed from being pure vanilla HTML, to server-side PHP (Prado and CakePHP) to Ruby (Rails, Nanoc), and finally Nim (HastySite)." -version: 9.2.1 +version: 9.2.2 ----- <p>The domain was bought in March 2004 and since than has always been my home on the Internet. Through the years, a total of 9 major versions of this web site has been released, each featuring some change in the backend.</p> <p>Currently, this site is fully static (minus a few AJAX calls) and is powered by my very own static site generator, HastySite (soon to be released) and by <a href="/litestore/">LiteStore</a> (for the archive search functionality).</p>