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+----- +:type: article +:tags: [] + +:date: 2009-10-19 11:19:17.607000 +02:00 +:permalink: journotwit-review +:title: "JournoTwit - Bringing order to your tweets" +:toc: true +----- +Since I started using "Twitter": on a regular basis, I started feeling overwhelmed by the endless stream of data generated by the people I was following. + +The official twitter page quickly became inadequate to manage my tweets, so I began to search for an alternative through the myriad of Twitter clients available out there, both web and desktop based. After trying out a few desktop clients, I decided to restrict the search to web clients only: between work and home, I may use up to 4 different computers and 3 different operating system, and I really didn't fancy the idea of keeping the _same_ client up to date everywhere -- even admitting that such client existed. + +Over the past months I tried dozens of different web-based Twitter clients, and narrowed the list of _must-have_ features to the following: +* The interface should be simple to use and not too cluttered. +* I should be able to categorize tweets in columns (a-la TweetDeck). +* I should be able to know, when visiting the site, how many _new_ tweets I have to go through. +* I should be able to mark tweets as read. +* It should display media files (at least pictures) inline with the tweets. +* The interface should provide all the most common twitter actions like reply, retweet, follow/unfollow, shorten url, upload pictures etc. etc. + +The good news is that I found at least _one_ web-based client able to do all this: "JournoTwit": + +h3. Introducing JournoTwit + +h3. Default columns + +h3. Custom columns + +h3. Available actions + +h3. Advanced settings + +h3. Conclusion + +