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@@ -7331,7 +7331,7 @@ <h3>I&rsquo;m sold! Where can I get it?<a href="#document-top" title="Go to top"></a></h3>

<p>Here, look, it&rsquo;s just one file:</p> -<p><a href="" target="_blank" class="button primary">Download v0.4.0 (Dedicated Denobulan)</a></p> +<p><a href="" target="_blank" class="button primary">Download v0.5.0 (Experienced El-Aurian)</a></p> <p>Yes there is also a <a href="">NPM package</a> if you want to use it with WebPack and similar, but let me repeat: <em>it&rsquo;s just one file</em>.</p>

@@ -7664,8 +7664,8 @@ h3("a.logo.col-sm-1", { href: "#/" }, [

h3("img", { alt: "H3", src: "images/h3.svg" }), ]), h3("div.version.col-sm.col-md", [ - h3("div.version-number", "v0.4.0"), - h3("div.version-label", "“Dedicated Denobulan“"), + h3("div.version-number", "v0.5.0"), + h3("div.version-label", "“Experienced El-Aurian“"), ]), h3("label.drawer-toggle.button.col-sm-last", { for: "drawer-control" }), ]);

@@ -7850,9 +7850,23 @@ <li>The <code>classList</code> attribute can be set to a list of classes to apply to the element (as an alternative to using the element selector shorthand).</li>

<li>The <code>data</code> attribute can be set to a simple object containing <a href="">data attributes</a>.</li> <li>The special <code>$key</code> attribute can be used to guarantee the uniqueness of two VNodes and it will not be translated into an HTML attribute.</li> <li>The special <code>$html</code> attribute can be used to set the <code>innerHTML</code> property of the resulting HTML element. Use only if you know what you are doing!</li> +<li>The special <code>$onrender</code> attribute can be set to a function that will executed after the VNode is rendered for the first time.</li> </ul> +<p>The <code>$html</code> and the <code>$onrender</code> special attributes should be used sparingly, and typically only when interfacing with third-party libraries that need access to the real DOM.</p> + +<p>For example, consider the following code snippet that can be used to initialize the <a href="">InscrybMDE</a> Markdown editor on a textarea element:</p> + +<pre><code class="js">h3("textarea", { + $onrender: (element) =&gt; { + const editor = new window.InscrybMDE({ + element + }); + } +}); +</code></pre> + <a name="h3.dispatch(event:-string,-data:-any)"></a> <h3>h3.dispatch(event: string, data: any)<a href="#document-top" title="Go to top"></a></h3>

@@ -8001,7 +8015,7 @@ </ul>

</div> <div id="footer"> - <p><span class="copy"></span> Fabio Cevasco &ndash; May 9, 2020</p> + <p><span class="copy"></span> Fabio Cevasco &ndash; May 17, 2020</p> <p><span>Powered by</span> <a href=""><span class="hastyscribe"></span></a></p> </div> </div>
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@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@ summary: "A tiny, extremely minimalist JavaScript microframework"

content-type: project active: true download: "" -version: 0.4.0 -versionLabel: "Dedicated Denobulan" +version: 0.5.0 +versionLabel: "Experienced El-Aurian" docs: /h3/H3_DeveloperGuide.htm -----