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active: true home: /h3rald/ summary: "This very web site, in its 9th incarnation. has been operative since 2004 and through the years its backend changed from being pure vanilla HTML, to server-side PHP (Prado and CakePHP) to Ruby (Rails, Nanoc), and finally Nim (HastySite)." -version: 9.2.2 +version: 9.2.3 ----- <p>The domain was bought in March 2004 and since than has always been my home on the Internet. Through the years, a total of 9 major versions of this web site has been released, each featuring some change in the backend.</p> <p>Currently, this site is fully static (minus a few AJAX calls) and is powered by my very own static site generator, HastySite (soon to be released) and by <a href="/litestore/">LiteStore</a> (for the archive search functionality).</p>
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<footer class="sidebar"> <p><span class="h3rald"></span> Web Site v9.2.3</p> <p>&copy; 2004&mdash;2023 &bull; <em>Fabio Cevasco</em></p> - <ul class="inline"> - <li><a title="email" href='&#109;&#97;&#105;&#108;&#116;&#111;&#58;&#104;&#51;&#114;&#97;&#108;&#100;&#64;&#104;&#51;&#114;&#97;&#108;&#100;&#46;&#99;&#111;&#109;'> - <i class="ent ent-mail"></i> - </a></li> - <li><a title="LinkedIn" href="" rel="me"> - <i class="ent ent-linkedin"></i> - </a></li> - <li><a title="Twitter" href="" rel="me"> - <i class="ent ent-twitter"></i> - </a></li> - <li><a title="Pinboard" href="" rel="me"> - <i class="ent ent-pin"></i> - </a></li> - <li><a title="Instagram" href="" rel="me"> - <i class="ent ent-instagram"></i> - </a></li> - <li><a title="GitHub" href="" rel="me"> - <i class="ent ent-github"></i> - </a></li> - <li><a title="Flickr" href="" rel="me"> - <i class="ent ent-flickr"></i> - </a></li> - <li><a title="FourSquare" href="" rel="me"> - <i class="ent ent-foursquare"></i> - </a></li> - </ul> + <p><a href="/about/">About</a></p> <p>Unless stated otherwise, all the content published on this web site is licensed under the <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License</a>. The source code of this web site, such as its layout, stylesheets, custom min rules and code is licensed under the terms of the
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<p>&mdash; Fabio</p> </section> </article> - <div class="panel"> - <div class="panel-header"> - about - </div> - <div class="panel-body"> - <p class="leading">This site is now built with <a href="/hastysite/">HastySite</a>, my very own static site generator. Over the years, the site went through several iterations characterized by different visual themes and technology stacks, you can read about it <a href="/h3rald/">here</a>.</p> - <p>I consider myself a <em>hacker</em> in the true meaning of the word:</p> - <blockquote>"A person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary."</blockquote> - <p style="padding-left:4em;"> - &mdash; Eric S. Raymond, <cite><a href="">The Jargon File</a></cite> - </p> - <p>I am a passionate programmer and open source advocate, a technology enthusiast and a devoted Star Trek fan. Throughout my professional career I have been working as a developer, technical writer, software architect, and product owner. </p> - </div> - </div> - <div class="panel"> - <div class="panel-header"> - credits - </div> - <div class="panel-body"> - <p class="leading">Special thanks to the following people, who made this web site possible:</p> - <ul> - <li> - <a href="">David J. Perry</a>, who designed the <a href="">Cardo</a> font used for the H3RALD logo. - </li> - <li> - <a href="">atipo</a>, who designed the <a href="">Noway</a> font, used throughout this web site. - </li> - <li> - <a href="">Daniel Bruce</a>, designer of the <a href="">Entypo</a> font, used for the icons on this web site. - </li> - </ul> - </div> - </div> + </div> </div> </div>