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Also, I was desperate to try out the new features offered by HTML3 and CSS3, and a newspaper layout seemed a good excuse to use columns. ----- $[document.intro] +section[ + @title[Browser Compatibility] + txt[ +Although I shouldn't really say this, the site is meant to be viewed with a WebKit-based browser, really. It works in other (modern) browsers (read: no IE6), and it degrades more or less gracefully if a particular feature is not supported. + +That being said: +* IE7 and IE8 just barely render it (Javascript is used to "patch" the DOM with the new HTML5 elements) +* Firefox 3+ renders pretty much everything right. +* Safari and Chrome render the site as it is actually meant to be rendered + +Nobody ever died from not being able to see CSS3 rounded corners anyhow. The most important thing about this site is its content, and I made sure that whatever browser you're using you can still read it. + ] +] +section[ + @title[Columns and hyphenation] + txt[ +As I previously stated, I couldn't wait to try out CSS3 columns so I kinda went crazy on the home page, but just there. Some may argue that they are not suitable for web use of course, but I think they contribute to give the site layout a unique feeling. + +The problem with having columns is of course text alignment: justified text looks good, but unless you hyphenate text properly it shows a lot of blank space. Luckily, I discovered "hyphenator.js":, which solved the problem nicely. + ] +] +section[ + @title[CSS and layout improvements] + txt[ +I made a point out of improving the old stylesheet to make the site easier to read and generally prettier. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but still, I think the new stylesheet brings some improvements, especially concerning text (the "Gentium": font is used throughout the site) and syntax highlighting. + +Moreover, I worked on streamlining navigations across different sections of the site, in particular on article pages: + +!=/img/pictures/h3rald_81_article.png! + ] +] +section[ + @title[Under the hood] + txt[ +Besides appearence, the new site also features some improvements in its underlying business logic. In particular: +* Better nanoc "Rules": +* Improved "Glyph":/glyph/ integration, by extending nanoc "RuleContext": +* Minor updates to the custom "Rake tasks": + ] +]