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#services h3 { - padding-top: 4px; + padding-top: 20px; font-size: 170%; - font-variant: italic; + font-style: italic; + height: 30px; } #services img

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width: 850px; margin: 0 auto; position: relative; - border: 1px solid #000; } .scroll {

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<div id="footer-container"> <div id="services"> <div class ="footer-left"> - <div id="twitter"> - <img src="images/icons/twitter.png" /><h3>&nbsp;thoughts</h3> + <div id="backtype"> + <img src="images/icons/rss.png" /><h3>&nbsp;comments</h3> </div> </div> <div class ="footer-center"> - <div id="delicious"> - <img src="images/icons/delicious.png" /><h3>&nbsp;recommendations</h3> + <div id="twitter"> + <img src="images/icons/twitter.png" /><h3>&nbsp;tweets</h3> </div> </div> <div class ="footer-right"> - <div id="backtype"> - <img src="images/icons/feed.png" /><h3>&nbsp;opinions</h3> + <div id="delicious"> + <img src="images/icons/delicious.png" /><h3>&nbsp;bookmarks</h3> </div> </div> - </div> + </div> <div class="footer-div">Interesting Places: <a href="" class="link">CyberArmy</a> |

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<script src="js/jquery.qtip.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> // tooltip - $('.feed-item[title]').qtip(dark_tooltip); + $('.feed-item[title]').qtip(dark_tip); + $('.feed-item-ext[title]').qtip(extended_tip); </script> </body> </html>
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+{"totalresults":34,"startindex":1,"itemsperpage":25,"comments":[{"comment":{"id":"00006bba2586e8a3af0c625a4a0f89bb","url":"http:\/\/\/r\/programming\/comments\/95kfs\/a_question_for_programmers_from_a_nonprogrammer\/c0bi0ot","content":"I think everyone should learn at least the basics of programming and how to write simple programs in at least one language: simply put, it's good for your mind. I have a CompSci degree, I work as a technical writer and I love programming in my spare time: there's nothing like programming without the pressure of deadlines and work, believe me! So go for it! And don't limit yourself to Java or C, you may even go for something more exotic like Factor or Haskell: nobody forces you into learning a specific language! If you need inspiration, you may want to check this out: http:\/\/\/articles\/10-programming-languages [sorry for the blatant self-promotion: it's on topic anyhow!]","date":"2009-07-29 09:38:38"},"blog":{"id":27578,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":""},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/r\/programming\/comments\/95kfs\/a_question_for_programmers_from_a_nonprogrammer\/","title":"A question for programmers from a non-programmer. Is there any reason for someone in a non-technical field to learn something like Java or C \"just for the hell of it\"?"},"author":{"name":"h3rald","url":"http:\/\/\/user\/h3rald","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/00006bba2586e8a3af0c625a4a0f89bb"},{"comment":{"id":"000112ee9495fa3b3d2cd80cc3fef5f2","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/11-07-2009#comment-2723","content":"Fabio Cevasco, about 18 hours later: Look! The one above is the first comment by my wife on this web site! I love you little one, thanks!!","date":"2009-07-27 07:02:05"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/11-07-2009","title":"11th of July 2009"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112ee9495fa3b3d2cd80cc3fef5f2"},{"comment":{"id":"000064afc4c565443d2cd80c4c205241","url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/06\/30\/implementing-a-department-wiki-a-writer-shares-some-dos-and-donts-guest-post\/#comment-141862","content":"I setup a wiki for the documentation department I work for about a year or so ago, and we&#8217;re still using it.\n\nSome people started using it right away, either because they already knew how to use it (we went for MediaWiki in the end, also for a faster and less painful deployment) or because they immediately liked the idea. \n\nOthers were more cautious, but that&#8217;s because they are normally a bit suspicious or simply not used to try out new technologies, but they wrote a few pages. \n\nIn one year we didn&#8217;t produce hundreds of high-quality articles, but we definitely learned to use the wiki as a internal knowledge repository, which proved to be useful, in particular for problem solving: if someone came out with a solution for a common problem, I&#8217;d simply tell him to write it on the wiki to make sure others could easily find it (and they eventually did, in time of need).","date":"2009-06-30 20:53:34"},"blog":{"id":25775,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"I'd Rather Be Writing - Tom Johnson"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/06\/30\/implementing-a-department-wiki-a-writer-shares-some-dos-and-donts-guest-post\/","title":"Implementing a Department Wiki? A Writer Shares Some Dos and Don&#8217;ts (Guest Post)"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000064afc4c565443d2cd80c4c205241"},{"comment":{"id":"000112ee70935a013d2cd80c0700d4b1","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/herald-vim-color-scheme#comment-2719","content":"Fabio Cevasco, 6 days later: Version 0.2.0 released!\n\nSee the new project page for more information.","date":"2009-06-23 14:38:43"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/herald-vim-color-scheme","title":"Herald (Vim Color Scheme)"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112ee70935a013d2cd80c0700d4b1"},{"comment":{"id":"0002add40f4f9be93d2cd80c655652cc","url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/06\/22\/apologies\/#comment-9","content":"Tell me about it! When I started working as a Technical Writer one of the biggest challenges was to un-learn everything concerning writing. \n\nBeing Italian, I thought the art of good writing lied in long, complex paragraphs full of formal words, but I quickly found out that&#8217;s not the case. Not only in technical documents, but in everyday writing as well (see &#8220;The Elements of Style&#8221;, http:\/\/\/Elements-Style-Fourth-William-Strunk\/dp\/020530902X &#8212; a very good read!)\n\nUnfortunately, formal Italian is meant to be excessively verbose, unnaturally complex and cryptic. I&#8217;m sorry, it&#8217;s the very foundation of our immense and pointless Bureaucratic System, and you can&#8217;t do anything about it ","date":"2009-06-22 11:15:48"},"blog":{"id":175572,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"A Canadian in Italy"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/06\/22\/apologies\/","title":"Apologies"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/0002add40f4f9be93d2cd80c655652cc"},{"comment":{"id":"000064afeacc97143d2cd80cb227abb2","url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/06\/21\/fictitious-documentation\/#comment-141579","content":"Indeed, we document how the product is supposed to work. Because documentation is written in the development phase, bugs and missing functionality are common, it can&#8217;t be otherwise. \n\nNormally, by the time the product ships and the documentation is finalized, bugs tend to be fixed &#8212; or, if necessary, documentation is updated to match the product.","date":"2009-06-22 08:25:14"},"blog":{"id":25775,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"I'd Rather Be Writing - Tom Johnson"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/06\/21\/fictitious-documentation\/","title":"Fictitious Documentation"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000064afeacc97143d2cd80cb227abb2"},{"comment":{"id":"000112ee70935a013d2cd80c1c2e9a53","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/herald-vim-color-scheme#comment-2714","content":"Fabio Cevasco, about 9 hours later: @Wm Tanksley:I will make it degrade to 16 colors, even if it won\u2019t look great, obviously\u2026 I\u2019ll try my best.\n\n@Mario:Thanks for pointing out desert: I personally don\u2019t like it much, but I can check it out to see what elements it highlights and how.","date":"2009-06-17 14:54:54"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/herald-vim-color-scheme","title":"Herald (Vim Color Scheme)"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112ee70935a013d2cd80c1c2e9a53"},{"comment":{"id":"000064afd73f35943d2cd80cc534146d","url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/06\/15\/how-to-avoid-extinction-as-a-technical-communicator\/#comment-141393","content":"@David\nI agree with you: it pretty much depends on the company you&#8217;re working for. Luckily, we (that&#8217;s 2-3 people out of the team) were allowed to allocate some time to research about DITA and come up with possible integration solutions. We&#8217;re basically ended up creating our own tool around the DITA Open Toolkit, and we&#8217;re now using it for some pilot project. \n\nAlthough I do not entirely agree with the whole DITA philosophy, at least it&#8217;s a standard and therefore compatible with many applications: if we decide to switch to FrameMaker, we could just import our custom-generated DITA topics into it, for example.\n\nMaybe you should point out to your boss the advantages of using DITA (the Open Toolkit in particular), namely costs: if you can *survive* the initial impact, then you could essentially produce documentation for free, without buying any expensive tools, and generate it in different formats (even if there are still quite a few quirks).","date":"2009-06-16 09:16:15"},"blog":{"id":25775,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"I'd Rather Be Writing - Tom Johnson"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/06\/15\/how-to-avoid-extinction-as-a-technical-communicator\/","title":"How to Avoid Extinction as a Technical Communicator"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000064afd73f35943d2cd80cc534146d"},{"comment":{"id":"000064afd73f35943d2cd80c28ee16a8","url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/06\/15\/how-to-avoid-extinction-as-a-technical-communicator\/#comment-141377","content":"I agree that there&#8217;s no innovation regarding documentation format. Unfortunately, in so many professional context the CHM format is still the preferred format for online helps, mainly because it&#8217;s native in Windows and it&#8217;s familiar to both users and technical authors.\n\nHopefully though, we&#8217;re (slowly) moving forward: DITA definitely offers more possibilities when it comes to output formats, but at least for now there&#8217;s no replacement for the standard Online Help. \n\nWhile I&#8217;m still VERY skeptical about non-textual media, like screencasts etc., as primary documentation format, I believe existing textual format should:\n\n* Allow readers to embed comments and feedback in documentation, which should then be sent to the authors\n* Improve accessiblity. Default search options in CHM and PDF are pathetic if compared even to traditional fulltext search. There&#8217;s also often no way to tag content effectively beyond a hierarchy\n* Be more integrated with the product (in case of software).\n\nWeb content already offers all this, all we need is to bring it down to the client-side (maybe something similar to Google Gears?).\n\nRegarding the alleged incoming extinction of technical writers\/communiators, well, no, it&#8217;s not happening anytime soon. Indeed we&#8217;ll evolve into information strategists and information architects, but that&#8217;s still part of the job, right? We&#8217;ll still be the ones making sense out of all fragmented information, feedback and how-tos and turning them into something more professional and useful, regardless of the output format.","date":"2009-06-16 08:04:12"},"blog":{"id":25775,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"I'd Rather Be Writing - Tom Johnson"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/06\/15\/how-to-avoid-extinction-as-a-technical-communicator\/","title":"How to Avoid Extinction as a Technical Communicator"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000064afd73f35943d2cd80c28ee16a8"},{"comment":{"id":"000112ee7d717a5c3d2cd80c763be1c9","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/concatenative-programming-in-ruby#comment-2696","content":"Fabio Cevasco, 15 days later: It is Reverse Polish Notation. Yes, normally concatenative languages are fairly low level, but not always: Factor is an example of modern, higher level concatenative language, for instance.\n\nObviously you won\u2019t start using Concatenative for your next web application, but it could be a good way to look into concatenative programming. I\u2019ll try to improve performance a little bit, but unfortunately certain optimization won\u2019t be possible due to the very nature of Ruby (especially for what concerns recursion).","date":"2009-04-12 17:26:21"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/concatenative-programming-in-ruby","title":"Concatenative programming in Ruby"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112ee7d717a5c3d2cd80c763be1c9"},{"comment":{"id":"0000336f8159df1d3d2cd80c55be1221","url":"http:\/\/\/2008\/12\/31\/growing-by-eating-less-cake\/#comment-118619","content":"Believe it or not, after reading this post I (re-)subscribed to your blog feed. Looking forward to read about something different, for a change. \n\nIt&#8217;s sad to hear that after _years_ some people never change :-\/ Hopefully they&#8217;ll learn by their mistakes. Meanwhile, I&#8217;d personally recommend looking into the Ruby world more, in particular Merb and Rails (which will become one by the next Rails release).","date":"2009-01-26 08:49:52"},"blog":{"id":13167,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"cakebaker"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/2008\/12\/31\/growing-by-eating-less-cake\/","title":"Growing by eating less Cake"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/0000336f8159df1d3d2cd80c55be1221"},{"comment":{"id":"00005d232956fa1e3d2cd80cf413b7c0","url":"http:\/\/\/blog\/2009\/01\/07\/downtime\/#comment-2351","content":"Yup, that may be a good idea. I made my own site extremely simple partly for the same reason, too. Definitely caching makes all the difference, anyway!","date":"2009-01-07 19:21:26"},"blog":{"id":23843,"url":"http:\/\/\/blog","title":""},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/blog\/2009\/01\/07\/downtime\/","title":"Downtime"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/00005d232956fa1e3d2cd80cf413b7c0"},{"comment":{"id":"000112eec96fc2b03d2cd80cccebff7f","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/the-rails-way-review#comment-2685","content":"Fabio Cevasco, 1 day later: Thank you for your comment Obie!\n\nI\u2019m looking forward to reading it then\u2026 Actually I thought you were gonna wait for Rails 3!","date":"2009-01-05 12:21:48"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/the-rails-way-review","title":"Book Review: The Rails Way"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112eec96fc2b03d2cd80cccebff7f"},{"comment":{"id":"000027d5459b7e813d2cd80c59e40cbe","url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/01\/02\/4085\/#comment-4832166","content":"It definitely sounds interesting, although, as others pointed out, it is prone to spam and to flooding (but again, it will be called *river* for a reason, right?).\n\nPersonally, I'm not a big fan of real-time streams, mostly because I think they are difficult to follow and therefore difficult to be really useful in the long term. While a live stream of this kind would definitely be amusing to look at, it won't be as useful as, say, a combination of and twitter.\n\nA middle-tier of moderation could be a solution, but it's difficult to foresee how viable this might be: you'd need quite a lot of people checking the strem in real time, *all the time*. Maybe Twit fans can do that though, it's hard to tell at thi stage.\n\nAnother problem would be content duplication: you really don't want people to suggest the same damn link 5 times every time, right? \nStackOverflow encountered a similar problem: when a question was posted, it literally took a couple of minutes or less for the fast person to post an answer. Meanwhile, another 5 users may have been busy writing exactly the same answer: this resulted in frequent duplication.\n\nFor some ideas on how to solve this problem, have a look at the StackOverflow blog: http:\/\/\/2008\/10\/solving-t...\n\nAnyhow, hope it works out, one way or the other!","date":"2009-01-02 17:37:36"},"blog":{"id":10197,"url":"http:\/\/\/category\/blog\/","title":"LOL: The Life of Leo"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/2009\/01\/02\/4085\/","title":"A River of TWiT"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000027d5459b7e813d2cd80c59e40cbe"},{"comment":{"id":"000112ee6ac26d043d2cd80cd91ebb60","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/ruby-lang-italian#comment-2649","content":"@Magrabi: All you have to do is contact the webmaster of ( and ask ;-) As far as I know, the Arabic translation was started already, but it seems to be still in draft, so they may need your help!","date":"2008-12-23 08:34:06"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/ruby-lang-italian","title":"Italian translation of finally available!"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112ee6ac26d043d2cd80cd91ebb60"},{"comment":{"id":"000112eef987a0eb3d2cd80c35876848","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/rails-os-killer-apps#comment-759","content":"@gaspard\n\nSorry for sounding a bit harsh with my first description: I actually need to take a (much) closer look at Zena. Let me say that it looks very interesting (I definitely missed some of the features you mentioned!) and I can&#8217;t write to try it out properly (I&#8217;m just waiting for a week-end and a bit of spare time).\n\nHere&#8217;s a deal: I&#8217;ll try it out and write about it, let&#8217;s see what happens :-)\n\nIncidentally, &#8220;Zena&#8221; is actually the name in dialect of my city (Genoa, Italy)&#8230; how did you pick the name?","date":"2008-11-18 17:16:46"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/rails-os-killer-apps","title":"Rails-powered Open Source Killer Apps, Anyone?"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112eef987a0eb3d2cd80c35876848"},{"comment":{"id":"0000ec28a950dae23d2cd80c2bf981a1","url":"http:\/\/\/blog\/2008\/11\/ioke-syntax\/#comment-2997","content":"Interesting. I like your syntax choices, in particular the use of white space, but I must admit I&#8217;d prefer # for comments, mainly because it would be more familiar, generally speaking.\n\nI can&#8217;t wait to try it out!","date":"2008-11-11 13:37:07"},"blog":{"id":60456,"url":"http:\/\/\/blog","title":"Ola Bini: Programming Language Synchronicity"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/blog\/2008\/11\/ioke-syntax\/","title":"Ioke syntax"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/0000ec28a950dae23d2cd80c2bf981a1"},{"comment":{"id":"000112ee5cee98a83d2cd80c18b2b216","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/where-does-your-ruby-code-live#comment-473","content":"So I guess the best solution &amp;ndash; for now &amp;ndash; is to go for a &#8220;scattered&#8221; setup:\n\na) GitHub for the repository (assuming you like Git)\n\nb) (Optional) LightHouse for bug tracking\n\nc) RubyForge just for the gem\n\nI&#8217;d still like a proper directory of gems (with a proper search), maybe scraping RubyForge data (like APIdock did with Ruby\/Rails\/RSpec documentation). Did anybody ever come up with something similar? Would anyone be interested?","date":"2008-11-11 08:46:47"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/where-does-your-ruby-code-live","title":"Where does your Ruby code live?"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112ee5cee98a83d2cd80c18b2b216"},{"comment":{"id":"00000003f4f2f60e3d2cd80cce6ab6d3","url":"http:\/\/\/2008\/11\/09\/getclicky-getsmad\/#comment-2528625","content":"Even if they &#8220;insulted you by email&#8221;, I think posting it on your blog is definitely not the best way to go about it!\nI&#8217;m the same, mind, that&#8217;s what *I* would have done, perhaps. But this is *not* what *you* should do on TechCrunch: it&#8217;s extremely unprofessional. Your blog claims to be THE best source for Web 2.0\/startups news, and yet it still features frequent unprofessional rants.\n\nStop moaning and try to run a professional blog &#8212; or let someone else do it for you, incidentally these things happen only when you post!","date":"2008-11-09 15:04:00"},"blog":{"id":3,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"Techcrunch"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/2008\/11\/09\/getclicky-getsmad\/","title":"GetClicky GetsMad"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/00000003f4f2f60e3d2cd80cce6ab6d3"},{"comment":{"id":"000112eef987a0eb3d2cd80c08c4ef65","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/rails-os-killer-apps#comment-417","content":"@job gradesYes! Merb slices seem to be really interesting. All you need now is &#8230;more slices and an ad-hoc site to easily distribute them. Add something to automatize download\/update\/installation and you have a very good foundation indeed.","date":"2008-11-06 16:23:24"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/rails-os-killer-apps","title":"Rails-powered Open Source Killer Apps, Anyone?"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112eef987a0eb3d2cd80c08c4ef65"},{"comment":{"id":"000112eef987a0eb3d2cd80c892cdfaf","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/rails-os-killer-apps#comment-385","content":"Thanks Luigi for bringing up excellent comments and lowell for&#8230; well, bringing up good comments too.\n\n@Luigi: Indeed, I didn&#8217;t know those three, and they look interesting.\n\n@lowell: I&#8217;ll probably change the \/about page, alright. Here in Italy, and especially in companies, IE6 is sadly still the way to go so&#8230; yes, I know what you mean. I did want to actively lock people out actually, but then I thought a banner would suffice to get the point across: after all, as you pointed out, my site does not break completely in IE6.As for using Typo&#8230; well, I wouldn&#8217;t have dared to say something even slightly unpleasant about Rails from a WordPress blog!","date":"2008-11-04 06:32:02"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/rails-os-killer-apps","title":"Rails-powered Open Source Killer Apps, Anyone?"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112eef987a0eb3d2cd80c892cdfaf"},{"comment":{"id":"000112eef987a0eb3d2cd80c54ceed43","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/rails-os-killer-apps#comment-373","content":"Thank you Matthew. You&#8217;re right, RedMine is indeed an interesting open source project, but what I&#8217;m trying to say is that Rails developers seems more focused on building something which can &#8220;monetize&#8221; quickly rather than investing time and energy in complex open source projects.\n\nI don&#8217;t blame them, really! If I were a full-time web developer I&#8217;d probably do something similar!\n\nWhat I wanted to point out in a rather exaggerated and provocative way is that even if Ruby and Rails are MUCH better organized than PHP and any PHP framework, there are still a lot of complex open source projects (not only Drupal, but take Joomla, Mediawiki, e107, etc.), in particular CMSes, which offer a lot of features.The current open source Rails projects are great, and some of them are quite successful (this very blog runs Typo, and I think it&#8217;s an awesome blogging engine!), I just wish there were more.\n\nMaybe is just a matter of time&#8230; what&#8217;s shocking is that the few &#8220;general purpose&#8221; CMS either are not doing very well or are just focusing on niches, like blogging.","date":"2008-11-03 14:39:44"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/rails-os-killer-apps","title":"Rails-powered Open Source Killer Apps, Anyone?"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112eef987a0eb3d2cd80c54ceed43"},{"comment":{"id":"00018bf0d81ca1713d2cd80c56327c4a","url":"http:\/\/\/2008\/10\/why-ruby-is-my-favorite-language.html?showComment=1223562300000#c1118992135511414347","content":"I really like the elegance of Ruby syntax above all. Immediately after learning the basics of the language I wrote an article praising the terseness and clarity of this language. \n\nMy background is different than yours (Pascal &gt; C &gt; C++ &gt; Java &gt; PHP &gt; Ruby), and I'm still looking around for interesting programming languages to learn (Haskell, Scheme and Lua are all interesting, in different ways), but nobody beats Ruby as far as &quot;coding pleasure&quot; goes. \n\nI'd love a *proper* compiler though, or a significantly faster VM with good gem support.","date":"2008-10-09 14:25:00"},"blog":{"id":101360,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"Daily Vim"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/2008\/10\/why-ruby-is-my-favorite-language.html","title":"Why Ruby is My Favorite Language"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/00018bf0d81ca1713d2cd80c56327c4a"},{"comment":{"id":"000040a5263e77f83d2cd80c103cf681","url":"http:\/\/\/2008\/09\/17\/configatron-200-released\/#comment-135","content":"Configatron just became PERFECT. Awesome man, I&#8217;ll definitely use it in my next project!","date":"2008-09-17 20:12:00"},"blog":{"id":16549,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"Mack Framework"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/2008\/09\/17\/configatron-200-released\/","title":"Configatron 2.0.0 Released!"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000040a5263e77f83d2cd80c103cf681"},{"comment":{"id":"000112eeeb0526313d2cd80cbe6750c7","url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/google-chrome#comment-257","content":"@AdamC\n\nIf you read the whole article, you should understand I actually agree with you: Google didn&#8217;t create anything new, they just got all the best features from IE8, Firefox 3.1, Safari 4 (all of which has still to come out) and bundled into an open source product.\n\nGoogle&#8217;s secret is simple and yet amazing: &#8220;don&#8217;t do anything new, just do it better than others&#8221;. they built a fortune with that, and with clever marketing.","date":"2008-09-07 15:44:22"},"blog":{"id":70382,"url":"http:\/\/\/","title":"H3RALD"},"post":{"url":"http:\/\/\/articles\/google-chrome","title":"Chrome: Google did it again!"},"author":{"name":"Fabio Cevasco","url":"http:\/\/\/","user":{"name":"h3rald"}},"url":"http:\/\/\/h3rald\/comment\/000112eeeb0526313d2cd80cbe6750c7"}]}
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