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title: About type: page ----- +!</images/theme/heraldry/pegasus.png! + +!>/images/theme/heraldry/unicorn.png! + This is a _minimalist_ web site: I do not care about fancy graphics or nitfy effects. I do care, however, about content and I want you to read what I write comfortably. As you can see, this site has no sidebars: it only has a header, a main column and a footer, exactly where you expect them to be. This site was designed to work with all the major modern browsers (hint: Internet Explorer 6 is _not_ a modern browser). It validates as XHTML 1.1 Strict and CSS 2.1. +<br /> h3. Under the Hood

@@ -36,4 +41,5 @@ I'd like to thank the following people for their work, which made this web site possible:

* "Denis Defreyne":, for creating the wonderful "Nanoc": site compiler. * "David J.Perry":, who designed the "Cardo font": I used for the H3RALD logo. +* The staff of "":, for scanning the first edition of "A Complete Guide to Heraldry":, and making it available to the public. All the images featuring heraldric beasts, monsters and symbols are taken from there.
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%> <div id="search_form"></div> <div id="search_results"></div> +<p style="margin: auto; text-align: center"> +<img src="/images/theme/heraldry/phoenix.png" /> +</p> <h3>Articles by Topic</h3> <table id="taglist"> <% c = 0

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<%= "</tr>" if c%5 == 0 %> <% end %></tr> </table> +<p style="margin: auto; text-align: center"> +<img src="/images/theme/heraldry/eagle.png" /> +</p> <h3>Articles by Month</h3> <table id="timeline"> <% c = 0
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latest = latest_articles 5 popular = popular_articles 5 %> +!</images/theme/heraldry/gryphon.png! + +!>/images/theme/heraldry/lion.png! This is Fabio Cevasco's web site, featuring <%= all_articles.length %> "articles":/archives/ and <%= 5 %> open source "projects":/projects/. Fabio is a full-time technical writer working in Genoa, Italy. In his free time, he enjoys writing (surprise, surprise), reading about technology and programming a little bit in Ruby and other languages. -You can contact him by writing an email to _h3rald [at] h3rald [dot] com_, or through: +You can contact him by writing an email to _h3rald [at] h3rald [dot] com_, or through "Twitter":, "LinkedIn":, "Delicious":, "Facebook":, "Shelfari":, or "FriendFeed": -* "Twitter": -* "LinkedIn": -* "Delicious": -* "Facebook": -* "Shelfari": -* "FriendFeed": +<br /> <div class="article-list" id="latest-articles"> h3. Latest Articles