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<p>You can download one of the following pre-built min binaries:</p> <ul> -<li><a href="">min v0.38.1 for macOS (x64)</a></li> -<li><a href="">min v0.38.1 for Windows (x64)</a></li> -<li><a href="">min v0.38.1 for Linux (x64)</a></li> +<li><a href="">min v0.39.1 for macOS (x64)</a></li> +<li><a href="">min v0.39.1 for Windows (x64)</a></li> +<li><a href="">min v0.39.1 for Linux (x64)</a></li> </ul>

@@ -7587,7 +7587,7 @@ <h3>Running the min Shell<a href="#document-top" title="Go to top"></a></h3>

<p>To start the min shell, run <span class="cmd">min</span> with no arguments. You will be presented with a prompt displaying the path to the current directory:</p> -<div class="min-terminal"><p>min shell v0.38.1 +<div class="min-terminal"><p>min shell v0.39.1 <span class="prompt">[/Users/h3rald/test]$</span></p></div> <p>You can type min code and press <span class="kbd">ENTER</span> to evaluate it immediately:</p>

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<p>Returns a <span class="kwd">dict:xml-text</span> representing an XML text node.</p></div> </div> <div id="footer"> - <p><span class="copy"></span> Fabio Cevasco &ndash; August 2, 2023</p> + <p><span class="copy"></span> Fabio Cevasco &ndash; August 15, 2023</p> <p><span>Powered by</span> <a href=""><span class="hastyscribe"></span></a></p> </div> </div>
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active: true ci: true download: "" -version: 0.39.1 +version: 0.39.2 docs: /min/Min_DeveloperGuide.htm -----