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+== H3RALD Web Site + was created in 2004 by Fabio Cevasco, a technical writer, programmer and IT enthusiast. It features over a hundred "articles":/articles/ covering a wide range of topics, from programming to writing, productivity and even traveling. + +As of version 8, is a completely static web site, except for a few AJAX calls. All the files are generated automatically thanks to the "nanoc": publishing system, an ingenious creation of "Denis Defreyne": Nanoc can be used to easily create static web sites using Ruby, as explained in "this article": + + +=== Licensing + +TBD + +=== Requirements + +=== Credits + +* "David J.Perry":, who designed the "Cardo font": I used for the H3RALD logo. +* The creators of the free "Crimson Text": font, used throughout the web site.