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@@ -23,7 +23,9 @@ <span class="dropcap">Y</span>ou have reached Fabio Cevasco's web site. I am a full-time technical writer living and working in Genoa, Italy. In my free time, I enjoy reading and writing about IT-related topics and programming in different programming language, especially "Ruby": This web site is a collection of my works, both in writing and coding, and it currently features *<%= all_articles %>* "articles":/archives/ and *<%= all_projects %>* "projects":/projects/.

My articles cover a wide range of topics, ranging from "Ruby programming":/tags/ruby/ to "software and book reviews":/tags/reviews/, "web development":/tags/webdevelopment/ and even "travelling":/tags/travelling. This web site does not have a main theme, therefore if you want to keep up-to-date about a particular topic, simply subscribe to a specific tag feed. -You can contact me by writing an email to _h3rald [at] h3rald [dot] com_, or through "Twitter":, "LinkedIn":, "Delicious":, "Facebook":, "Shelfari":, or "FriendFeed": +I update this site regularly, but not every day (and maybe not every week): I only write a new article when I have something important to write about. For more frivolous, extemporaneous stuff feel free to have a look at my "blog":, which is updated more frequently. + +You can contact me by writing an email to _h3rald [at] h3rald [dot] com_, or through "Twitter":, "LinkedIn":, "Delicious":, "Facebook":, "Shelfari":, "FriendFeed": or "Posterous": <br style="clear:both" />