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+----- +id: minline +github: minline +home: /minline/ +title: "minline" +subtitle: "A mininalist line editing library" +summary: "A minimalist but highly-customizable line editing library for Nim projects, providing auto-completion, custom key bindings, and more." +content-type: project +active: true +version: 0.1.0 +download: "" +docs: /minline/minline.html +----- + +A line editing library in pure Nim designed to be easy to use and provide a minimal (but useful) set of features to build interactive CLI applications. + +*minline* provides: + +* Basic line editing functionality, move the cursor left and right, delete characters etc. +* Support for a simple prompt at the beginning of the line. +* Support for hiding typed characters (and print asterisks instead). +* Support for intercepting keypresses before they are printed to stdout. +* Some Emacs-like keybindings. +* Customizable line completion. +* Customizable key bindings (i.e. bind a key or a sequence of keys to a Nim proc). +* Persistent history management (history entries can be written to a file). + +*minline* does *not* provide: + +* Support for multiple lines (you will not be able to move to the next line) +* Support for Unicode or characters other than ASCII. +* Support for colors in the prompt. +* Full Emacs or Vi key bindings. + +For more information, see [the reference docs](/minline/minline.html). +