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A small but practical concatenative programming language.

Small changes to the site.
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font-weight: bold; content: "sigil"; } + +footer { + font-size: 80%; + text-align: center; + margin: auto; + padding: 5px; +}
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@@ -21,16 +21,16 @@ Also, I wanted it to be fully self-contained, cross platform, and tiny. Less than 1MB is not really tiny, but I feel it's a good compromise compared to the alternatives out there, considering that you only need _one file_ to run any min program.

I am currently building a static site generator called [HastySite](, that also powers <>. HastySite internally uses min as the language to write the [rules]( to process the source files of the site, and also all its [scripts]( -## How +## How? min is developed entirely in [nim]( -- the name is (almost) entirely a coincidence. I wanted to call it _minim_ but then shortened it for more... minimalism. min's parser started off as a fork of nim's JSON parser -- adapted to process a concatenative programming language with less primitive types than JSON. It is interpreted in the traditional sense: no bytecode, no JIT, just plain read, parse and run. -## Who +## Who? I am a [someone]( who is passionate about technology and who _does not_ build new programming languages for a living. -## When +## When? min's source code [repository]( was created on November 8^th 2014. Do your maths.
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-TBD. +Coming soon. Really soon, I promise! + +Well, OK, maybe a little while... but the [reference](/reference/) stuff is up-to-date! Have a look at that instead for now, and see if you can figure it out ;)
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content-type: "page" title: "Welcome to min" ----- -<div class="note"> - <p>Under Construction</p> - <p>This site is under construction and the language documentation is incomplete. However, you can already <a href="/download/">download</a> a pre-release of min to try it out.</p> -</div> <div class="pure-g"> <section class="pitch pure-u-1 pure-u-md-2-3"> <em>min</em> is a functional, concatenative programming language

@@ -13,7 +9,8 @@ with a minimalist syntax, a small but practical standard library, and an advanced

REPL. All packed in less than 1MB. </section> <section class="centered pure-u-1 pure-u-md-1-3"> - <a class="pure-button pure-button-primary" href="/download/"><i class="ti-download"></i> download min v{{$version}}</a> + <a class="pure-button pure-button-primary" href="/download/"><i class="ti-download"></i> download min v{{$version}}</a><br /> + (<em>pre-release</em>) <br> <small> <a href="">Repository</a> |
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<footer> +<p>&copy; 2017 &mdash; <a href="">Fabio Cevasco</a></p> +<p> + <a href=""> + <img src=" License-yellow.svg" + alt="Web site content licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 license"/> + </a> + <br /> + <a href=""> + <img src=" License-blue.svg" + alt="Source code licensed under the MITlicense"/> + </a> +</p> </footer>