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A small but practical concatenative programming language.

Credits + docs.
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@@ -4,3 +4,5 @@ * **BREAKING CHANGE** -- **?** is now used as a sigil for **help**, not **dget**.

* Added **help** (and also **?** alias and **?** sigil), **symbol-help**, **sigil-help** * Added **replace-apply**. * Refactored tasks as required modules. +* Added **binary** module (thanks @drkameleon!). +* Added Dockerfile (thanks @drkameleon!).
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@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ min's parser started off as a fork of Nim's JSON parser -- adapted to process a concatenative programming language with less primitive types than JSON. It is interpreted in the traditional sense: no bytecode, no JIT, just plain read, parse, and run.

## Who? -min was created and implemented by [Fabio Cevasco](, with contributions by [Peter Munch-Ellingsen]( and [baykus871]( +min was created and implemented by [Fabio Cevasco](, with contributions by [Peter Munch-Ellingsen](, [Yanis Zafirópulos](, and [baykus871]( Special thanks to [mwgkgk]( for contributing to the design of native dictionaries.
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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ {#mini-release -> [mini]($1/minimin\_v$1\_$2\_$ #}

{{guide-download}} -## Building from Source +## Building from source Alternatively, you can build min from source in one of the following ways:

@@ -103,6 +103,20 @@ * Only the simple REPL will be available.

* There will be no support for dynamic libraries. * The **-m, \-\-module-path** and **-a, \-\-asset-path** options have no effect. * No environment configuration files ([.minrc](class:file), [.min_symbols](class:file)) are used. + +## Building a Docker image + +[Yanis Zafirópulos]( contributed a Dockerfile that you can use to create your own Docker image for min based on Alpine Linux. + +To build the image locally, execute the following command from the repository root directory: + +> %terminal% +> docker build \-t mindocker . + +To run it, execute: + +> %terminal% +> docker run \-it mindocker ## Running the min Shell