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A small but practical concatenative programming language.

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@@ -8,3 +8,4 @@ *.zip

packages/ site/output/ site/temp/ +dynlibs/
A examples/dyntest.nim

@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@

+## This is all you need to create a min module in Nim +## Compile with `nim c --app:lib --noMain -d:release -l:"-undefined dynamic_lookup" dyntest.nim` + +include ../mindyn + +proc dyntest*(i: In) {.rtl, dynlib, exportc.} = + let def = i.define() + def.symbol("myp") do (i: In): + let vals = i.expect("num", "num") + let a = vals[0] + let b = vals[1] + if a.isInt: + if b.isInt: + i.push newVal(a.intVal + b.intVal) + else: + i.push newVal(a.intVal.float + b.floatVal) + else: + if b.isFloat: + i.push newVal(a.floatVal + b.floatVal) + else: + i.push newVal(a.floatVal + b.intVal.float) + def.finalize("dyntest")
M min.nimmin.nim

@@ -1,13 +1,17 @@

+{.passL: "-rdynamic".} import streams, critbits, parseopt2, strutils, os, + ospaths, json, sequtils, algorithm, - logging + logging, + dynlib + import packages/nimline/nimline, packages/niftylogger,

@@ -132,8 +136,31 @@ i.eval PRELUDE, "<prelude>"

i.eval MINRC.readFile() i.eval "\"prompt\" unseal" +type + LibProc = proc(i: In) {.nimcall.} + +proc dynLib*(i: In) = + info("Trying to load libraries from " & $(getAppDir() / "dynlibs")) + for library in walkFiles(getAppDir() / "dynlibs/*"): + var modname = + var libfile = & library.splitFile.ext + if modname.len > 3 and modname[0..2] == "lib": + modname = modname[3..modname.len-1] + let dll = library.loadLib() + if dll != nil: + let modsym = dll.symAddr(modname) + if modsym != nil: + let modproc = cast[LibProc](dll.symAddr(modname)) + i.modproc() + info("[$1] Dynamic module loaded successfully: $2" % [libfile, modname]) + else: + warn("[$1] Library does not contain symbol $2" % [libfile, modname]) + else: + warn("Unable to load dynamic library: " & libfile) + proc interpret*(i: In, s: Stream) = i.stdLib() + i.dynLib(), i.filename) discard i.parser.getToken() try:

@@ -187,6 +214,7 @@ echo "{$1} -> $2" % [$i.stack.len, $i.stack[i.stack.len - 1]]

proc minRepl*(i: var MinInterpreter) = i.stdLib() + i.dynLib() var s = newStringStream(""), "<repl>") var line: string
A mindyn.nim

@@ -0,0 +1,216 @@

+{.pragma: rtl, exportc, dynlib, cdecl.} +type + DynInfo* = object + moduleName*: string # The name of the symbol to load and run + dynlibVersion*: int # The version of the interface the dynlib is built for. This should increase if the interface changes + +# Everything below here is to interface with the main program +# Import for the missing types (Look into importing just type definitions) +import + lexbase, + streams, + critbits, + json, + os + +type + MinTokenKind* = enum + tkError, + tkEof, + tkString, + tkInt, + tkFloat, + tkBracketLe, + tkBracketRi, + tkSymbol, + tkTrue, + tkFalse + MinKind* = enum + minInt, + minFloat, + minQuotation, + minString, + minSymbol, + minBool + MinEventKind* = enum ## enumeration of all events that may occur when parsing + eMinError, ## an error ocurred during parsing + eMinEof, ## end of file reached + eMinString, ## a string literal + eMinInt, ## an integer literal + eMinFloat, ## a float literal + eMinQuotationStart, ## start of an array: the ``(`` token + eMinQuotationEnd ## start of an array: the ``)`` token + MinParserError* = enum ## enumeration that lists all errors that can occur + errNone, ## no error + errInvalidToken, ## invalid token + errStringExpected, ## string expected + errBracketRiExpected, ## ``)`` expected + errQuoteExpected, ## ``"`` or ``'`` expected + errEOC_Expected, ## ``*/`` expected + errEofExpected, ## EOF expected + errExprExpected + MinParserState* = enum + stateEof, + stateStart, + stateQuotation, + stateExpectValue + MinParser* = object of BaseLexer + a*: string + token*: MinTokenKind + state*: seq[MinParserState] + kind*: MinEventKind + err*: MinParserError + filename*: string + MinValue* = ref MinValueObject + MinValueObject* = object + line*: int + column*: int + filename*: string + case kind*: MinKind + of minInt: intVal*: BiggestInt + of minFloat: floatVal*: BiggestFloat + of minQuotation: + qVal*: seq[MinValue] + scope*: ref MinScope + of minString: strVal*: string + of minSymbol: symVal*: string + of minBool: boolVal*: bool + MinScope* = object + symbols*: CritBitTree[MinOperator] + sigils*: CritBitTree[MinOperator] + parent*: ref MinScope + name*: string + stack*: MinStack + MinOperatorProc* = proc (i: In) {.closure.} + MinOperatorKind* = enum + minProcOp + minValOp + MinOperator* = object + sealed*: bool + case kind*: MinOperatorKind + of minProcOp: + prc*: MinOperatorProc + of minValOp: + val*: MinValue + MinStack* = seq[MinValue] + In* = var MinInterpreter + MinInterpreter* = object + stack*: MinStack + trace*: MinStack + stackcopy*: MinStack + pwd*: string + scope*: ref MinScope + parser*: MinParser + currSym*: MinValue + filename*: string + evaluating*: bool + MinParsingError* = ref object of ValueError + MinUndefinedError* = ref object of ValueError + MinEmptyStackError* = ref object of ValueError + MinInvalidError* = ref object of ValueError + MinOutOfBoundsError* = ref object of ValueError +proc raiseInvalid(msg: string) {.importc, extern:"raiseInvalid_Emp5jFVyMCrh15i1fpFZiQ".} +proc raiseUndefined(msg: string) {.importc, extern:"raiseUndefined_Emp5jFVyMCrh15i1fpFZiQ_2".} +proc raiseOutOfBounds(msg: string) {.importc, extern:"raiseOutOfBounds_Emp5jFVyMCrh15i1fpFZiQ_3".} +proc raiseEmptyStack() {.importc, extern:"raiseEmptyStack_TxAgT9bR9codeB2uLmVKwt3w".} +proc newScope(parent: ref MinScope): MinScope {.importc, extern:"newScope_rH9cNZXpQjLoAhnola5cX4Q".} +proc newScopeRef(parent: ref MinScope): ref MinScope {.importc, extern:"newScopeRef_s7aB4NQYrY7Hev87iAW4jw".} +proc open(my: var MinParser, input: Stream, filename: string) {.importc, extern:"open_9brvHSJ7qjV9aGAqIpwcMV3A".} +proc close(my: var MinParser) {.importc, extern:"close_vmj9agDNIDvOwQZe8A2kGIAparser".} +proc getInt(my: MinParser): int {.importc, extern:"getInt_bXIqXGzvO9aGBMkrzA6B15gparser".} +proc getFloat(my: MinParser): float {.importc, extern:"getFloat_VXTaXBiGVD6XkIZK3YSq5Aparser".} +proc kind(my: MinParser): MinEventKind {.importc, extern:"kind_tgDyDbkEOSH9aIKWnOecz4Aparser".} +proc getColumn(my: MinParser): int {.importc, extern:"getColumn_bXIqXGzvO9aGBMkrzA6B15g_2parser".} +proc getLine(my: MinParser): int {.importc, extern:"getLine_bXIqXGzvO9aGBMkrzA6B15g_3parser".} +proc getFilename(my: MinParser): string {.importc, extern:"getFilename_s9a5R24VyFqQ3N3m7ZkDqmAparser".} +proc errorMsg(my: MinParser, msg: string): string {.importc, extern:"errorMsg_cVsoiM0SE9cH0KWBNfKqZcA".} +proc errorMsg(my: MinParser): string {.importc, extern:"errorMsg_r87VYrPzvmEsJhjriyvyQw".} +proc errorMsgExpected(my: MinParser, e: string): string {.importc, extern:"errorMsgExpected_Wqyr2ROfsYVJGDFwgiczQw".} +proc raiseParsing(p: MinParser, msg: string) {.importc, extern:"raiseParsing_Tz7DX0jKGOjDMX8SFWqb1A".} +proc raiseUndefined(p:MinParser, msg: string) {.importc, extern:"raiseUndefined_Tz7DX0jKGOjDMX8SFWqb1A_2".} +proc parseNumber(my: var MinParser) {.importc, extern:"parseNumber_q1Bg9ctZWMedsyrbTHRwU9aQ".} +proc handleHexChar(c: char, x: var int): bool {.importc, extern:"handleHexChar_5qj5zQ9aD5ka0UVtIDvSjNg".} +proc parseString(my: var MinParser): MinTokenKind {.importc, extern:"parseString_e3KFIguKCxnkZTqCF3o3jg".} +proc parseSymbol(my: var MinParser): MinTokenKind {.importc, extern:"parseSymbol_4hcHuz8N3YVsotvxzfL3Kw".} +proc skip(my: var MinParser) {.importc, extern:"skip_iFcpIZyA9cJx6updYRSgzjw".} +proc getToken(my: var MinParser): MinTokenKind {.importc, extern:"getToken_e3KFIguKCxnkZTqCF3o3jg_2".} +proc next(my: var MinParser) {.importc, extern:"next_iFcpIZyA9cJx6updYRSgzjw_2".} +proc eat(p: var MinParser, token: MinTokenKind) {.importc, extern:"eat_WE9bi5nLbQn9cAjnzHQ9bV6Kw".} +proc parseMinValue(p: var MinParser, i: In): MinValue {.importc, extern:"parseMinValue_Y6xeteQ253Mvf1JjLWhFig".} +proc `$`(a: MinValue): string {.importc, extern:"dollar__byT09beg0JPSCPWB3NVBb9bQ".} +proc `$$`(a: MinValue): string {.importc, extern:"dollardollar__byT09beg0JPSCPWB3NVBb9bQ_2".} +proc print(a: MinValue) {.importc, extern:"print_az8I9cfVT9b9bR2oSHjBwYE9bQ".} +proc `==`(a: MinValue, b: MinValue): bool {.importc, extern:"eqeq__zMKrLdJOCGuSouwNLkqPvQ".} +proc typeName*(v: MinValue): string {.importc, extern:"typeName_81jMzzfB0Qc0O4DsVU5arg".} +proc isSymbol*(s: MinValue): bool {.importc, extern:"isSymbol_BKcj9aQlJC73fcAZURf0pHw".} +proc isQuotation*(s: MinValue): bool {.importc, extern:"isQuotation_BKcj9aQlJC73fcAZURf0pHw_2".} +proc isString*(s: MinValue): bool {.importc, extern:"isString_BKcj9aQlJC73fcAZURf0pHw_3".} +proc isFloat*(s: MinValue): bool {.importc, extern:"isFloat_BKcj9aQlJC73fcAZURf0pHw_8".} +proc isInt*(s: MinValue): bool {.importc, extern:"isInt_BKcj9aQlJC73fcAZURf0pHw_5".} +proc isNumber*(s: MinValue): bool {.importc, extern:"isNumber_BKcj9aQlJC73fcAZURf0pHw_6".} +proc isBool*(s: MinValue): bool {.importc, extern:"isBool_BKcj9aQlJC73fcAZURf0pHw_7".} +proc isStringLike*(s: MinValue): bool {.importc, extern:"isStringLike_BKcj9aQlJC73fcAZURf0pHw_8".} +proc isDictionary*(q: MinValue): bool {.importc, extern:"isDictionary_7f9afQ8e7zZDtSeY6FzGNrw".} +proc newVal*(s: string): MinValue {.importc, extern:"newVal_JF8l73VBhy9cJEUaMht6wZA".} +proc newVal*(s: cstring): MinValue {.importc, extern:"newVal_MSseSJELDL5qivFR59byJ8Q".} +proc newVal*(q: seq[MinValue], parentScope: ref MinScope): MinValue {.importc, extern:"newVal_1PJ4YdZbCuyyD9bQkH2eu6A".} +proc newVal*(s: BiggestInt): MinValue {.importc, extern:"newVal_xDcIKp9bEb37NZkc9bhRat9cQ".} +proc newVal*(s: BiggestFloat): MinValue {.importc, extern:"newVal_ipbzO9cNeJyt42iGojkGmgg".} +proc newVal*(s: bool): MinValue {.importc, extern:"newVal_3PdI7sQ7HL5wBrAMsSG5sQ".} +proc newSym*(s: string): MinValue {.importc, extern:"newSym_JF8l73VBhy9cJEUaMht6wZA_2".} +proc getString*(v: MinValue): string {.importc, extern:"getString_81jMzzfB0Qc0O4DsVU5arg_2".} +proc define*(i: In): ref MinScope {.importc, extern:"define_HtvBzo0skz2GBYAKuFddKA".} +proc symbol*(scope: ref MinScope, sym: string, p: MinOperatorProc) {.importc, extern:"symbol_D4i19cVxxCgOFsbGlV20kyQ".} +proc symbol*(scope: ref MinScope, sym: string, v: MinValue) {.importc, extern:"symbol_XrX9bLAdrrQ3LgR9a9aYCQDXA".} +proc sigil*(scope: ref MinScope, sym: string, p: MinOperatorProc) {.importc, extern:"sigil_D4i19cVxxCgOFsbGlV20kyQ_2".} +proc sigil*(scope: ref MinScope, sym: string, v: MinValue) {.importc, extern:"sigil_XrX9bLAdrrQ3LgR9a9aYCQDXA_2".} +proc finalize*(scope: ref MinScope, name: string) {.importc, extern:"finalize_Igz9a7Xvo9cCa28si6nE0p5A".} +proc dget*(q: MinValue, s: MinValue): MinValue {.importc, extern:"dget_mfiqh3xcyXvnw9ajEytZuIA".} +proc dhas*(q: MinValue, s: MinValue): bool {.importc, extern:"dhas_MEAApOlp4yH17chuSa0k9bA".} +proc ddel*(i: In, p: MinValue, s: MinValue): MinValue {.importc, extern:"ddel_Riw3bw1BbxVPbq6m4TtOjw".} +proc dset*(i: In, p: MinValue, s: MinValue, m: MinValue): MinValue {.importc, extern:"dset_17HpKix9agOFpoPvvopNcCA".} +proc keys*(i: In, q: MinValue): MinValue {.importc, extern:"keys_oXC9bS9cwNWVkX1wVKP9aFEGA".} +proc values*(i: In, q: MinValue): MinValue {.importc, extern:"values_oXC9bS9cwNWVkX1wVKP9aFEGA_2".} +proc `%`*(a: MinValue): JsonNode {.importc, extern:"percent__QWqVWTWlpTitafp2NrtHgw".} +proc fromJson*(i: In, json: JsonNode): MinValue {.importc, extern:"fromJson_xPRwXdsUk4l7MGnYd2GbVA".} +proc reverse[T](xs: openarray[T]): seq[T] {.importc, extern:"reverse_drwb9cipBBt6vULs9c1MUijg".} +proc expect*(i: var MinInterpreter, elements: varargs[string]): seq[MinValue] {.importc, extern:"expect_EYb0Rd1E6Tl9bqxEJWylifg".} +proc reqQuotationOfQuotations*(i: var MinInterpreter, a: var MinValue) {.importc, extern:"reqQuotationOfQuotations_Xy0o2sh9cpmSUTDb9cbQNwQg".} +proc reqQuotationOfNumbers*(i: var MinInterpreter, a: var MinValue) {.importc, extern:"reqQuotationOfNumbers_Xy0o2sh9cpmSUTDb9cbQNwQg_2".} +proc reqQuotationOfSymbols*(i: var MinInterpreter, a: var MinValue) {.importc, extern:"reqQuotationOfSymbols_Xy0o2sh9cpmSUTDb9cbQNwQg_3".} +proc reqTwoNumbersOrStrings*(i: var MinInterpreter, a, b: var MinValue) {.importc, extern:"reqTwoNumbersOrStrings_iouGpQgslNcuoSL0Wzu7kQ".} +proc reqStringOrQuotation*(i: var MinInterpreter, a: var MinValue) {.importc, extern:"reqStringOrQuotation_Xy0o2sh9cpmSUTDb9cbQNwQg_4".} +proc reqTwoQuotationsOrStrings*(i: var MinInterpreter, a, b: var MinValue) {.importc, extern:"reqTwoQuotationsOrStrings_iouGpQgslNcuoSL0Wzu7kQ_2".} +proc reqTwoSimilarTypesNonSymbol*(i: var MinInterpreter, a, b: var MinValue) {.importc, extern:"reqTwoSimilarTypesNonSymbol_iouGpQgslNcuoSL0Wzu7kQ_3".} +proc copy*(s: ref MinScope): ref MinScope {.importc, extern:"copy_KGlnVwWC9c0GiqXFwLDTiww".} +proc getSymbol*(scope: ref MinScope, key: string): MinOperator {.importc, extern:"getSymbol_fLEzdqSpt81S0Of5t4H9afg".} +proc hasSymbol*(scope: ref MinScope, key: string): bool {.importc, extern:"hasSymbol_58ut1Z9aCNCsBFnk7k9a9cVKA".} +proc delSymbol*(scope: ref MinScope, key: string): bool {.importc, extern:"delSymbol_58ut1Z9aCNCsBFnk7k9a9cVKA_2".} +proc setSymbol*(scope: ref MinScope, key: string, value: MinOperator, override = false): bool {.importc, extern:"setSymbol_i9bO9b9aWD4K9c3RcQs0RqQvPw".} +proc getSigil*(scope: ref MinScope, key: string): MinOperator {.importc, extern:"getSigil_fLEzdqSpt81S0Of5t4H9afg_2".} +proc hasSigil*(scope: ref MinScope, key: string): bool {.importc, extern:"hasSigil_58ut1Z9aCNCsBFnk7k9a9cVKA_3".} +proc previous*(scope: ref MinScope): ref MinScope {.importc, extern:"previous_wp9cZN2pi3N79at4ESdxFNVQ".} +proc raiseRuntime*(msg: string, qVal: var seq[MinValue]) {.importc, extern:"raiseRuntime_t8oUDThVodY80ZU1ov5Z9cQ".} +proc dump*(i: MinInterpreter): string {.importc, extern:"dump_QNAGfSm5dAMbe9cao1yAs9bg".} +proc debug*(i: In, value: MinValue) {.importc, extern:"debug_e4IWAT3CueUziUEgqNhCEA".} +proc debug*(i: In, value: string) {.importc, extern:"debug_lPtsJwNzbYFsAR31JL52GA".} +proc newMinInterpreter*(filename: string): MinInterpreter {.importc, extern:"newMinInterpreter_XvlvXMt0JDVisNg0vLdKLQ".} +proc copy*(i: MinInterpreter, filename: string): MinInterpreter {.importc, extern:"copy_gOoDr5ILrrcZmPeoNmvPmg".} +proc formatError(sym: MinValue, message: string): string {.importc, extern:"formatError_c89a9aMhg9av88jUAkonIhspw".} +proc formatTrace(sym: MinValue): string {.importc, extern:"formatTrace_TfxbUETR0myClep3aQiOxA".} +proc stackTrace(i: In) {.importc, extern:"stackTrace_jfgtXM0Fziq5qAA4WP56DA".} +proc error(i: In, message: string) {.importc, extern:"error_KPzdvl74rfHwj1Zjzl9clSQ".} +proc open*(i: In, stream:Stream, filename: string) {.importc, extern:"open_0S1akx2yO9cGND7o1a5E4Pg".} +proc close*(i: In) {.importc, extern:"close_jfgtXM0Fziq5qAA4WP56DA_2".} +proc apply*(i: In, op: MinOperator) {.importc, extern:"apply_rdLuMUFDgimLSTje2hi9a9cw".} +proc push*(i: In, val: MinValue) {.importc, extern:"push_5Bl42rKgV9afPr4fSWYKCQQ".} +proc dequote*(i: In, q: var MinValue) {.importc, extern:"dequote_iIi9a4U4PSOa3lI3GtpF9a2g".} +proc apply*(i: In, q: var MinValue) {.importc, extern:"apply_iIi9a4U4PSOa3lI3GtpF9a2g_2".} +proc pop*(i: In): MinValue {.importc, extern:"pop_kQ2ndJ8jYAFjieSQojhyOA".} +proc peek*(i: MinInterpreter): MinValue {.importc, extern:"peek_iWvRjZI9bPYXgbwT9bMlY33g".} +proc interpret*(i: In): MinValue {.importc, extern:"interpret_XWC8a7Zv9bICBdwhFZC4oFw".} +proc eval*(i: In, s: string, name: string) {.importc, extern:"eval_IB9cHX0kT7i7VJ1JVxalc0g".} +proc load*(i: In, s: string) {.importc, extern:"load_0LYMivTZTdTPkcMxl9cGHiw".} +proc filetype*(p: PathComponent): string {.importc, extern:"filetype_FZiFjJo8tLR4Z31M0hOccg".} +proc unixPermissions*(s: set[FilePermission]): int {.importc, extern:"unixPermissions_yRhMgkace1wP9a9cKdvJCJhw".} +proc toFilePermissions*(p: BiggestInt): set[FilePermission] {.importc, extern:"toFilePermissions_iFbq0Qn5CDseGqlJex9cAkw".}