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A small but practical concatenative programming language.

Documented asset bundling
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@@ -4,3 +4,4 @@ * Added **require** symbol to read a min file and automatically create a module containing all symbols defined in the file.

* Added **invoke** symbol (and **\*** sigil) to easily call a symbol defined in a module or dictionary, e.g. `*mymodule/mymethod`. * Fixed library installation via nimble * Fixed error handling and stack trace for **start-server** symbol. +* Added the possibility to bundle assets in a compiled min program by specifying tbe **-a** (or **--asset-path**) option.
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* No checks will be performed when defining symbols. * Only the simple REPL will be available. * There will be no support for dynamic libraries. -* The **-m, \-\-module-path** option has no effect. +* The **-m, \-\-module-path** and **-a, \-\-asset-path** options have no effect. * No environment configuration files ([.minrc](class:file), [.min_symbols](class:file)) are used. ## Running the min Shell

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> %min-terminal% > > [$](class:prompt) min -c run.min -m:tasks + +Similarly, you can also bundle additional files in the executable by specifying the `-a:<path>` (or `--asset-path`) option. At runtime, the compiled min program will attempt to lookup bundled asset files before checking the filesystem. > %note% > Note