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A small but practical concatenative programming language.

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author: Fabio Cevasco description: A tiny concatenative programming language and shell. -id: 34898022 +id: 34916406 name: min -version: 0.23.0+version: 0.24.0

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-* Added **apply-interpolate** (alias: **=%**) operator. -* Documented that it is possible also to interpolate with named placeholders, like this: `"Current Directory: $pwd" ("pwd" .) =%` -* Added **from-yaml** and **to-yaml** operators. Note that they only support dictionaries containing string values (primarily intended to access extremely simple YAML files containing just key/value pairs). -* Added **from-semver**, **to-semver**, **semver-major**, **semver-minor**, **semver-patch**, **semver** operators to manage version strings conforming to [Semantic Versioning]( (additional labels are not yet supported). -* Automatically adding **.min** to files supplied to the min executable if they don't already end in .min. -* Fixed GC safety issues. -* Now statically linking libssl and libcrypto on all platform to provide HTTPS support out of the box. -* Now using a set of min tasks to perform a min release and other common operations. -* Added **escape** operator to escape quotes and special characters in a string. -* Added **quit** operator to exit with a 0 code. -* Addes **prefix** and **suffix** operators to prepens and append one string to another. - -**BONUS!** Are you using Visual Studio Code? check out the new [official extension]( for the min programming language!
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"temp": "temp", "templates": "templates", "title": "min language", - "version": "0.23.0" + "version": "0.24.0" }