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A small but practical concatenative programming language.

Minor updates to Min_DeveloperGuide

- Missing blank line before some bulleted lists
- Change one occurrence of %tip to %tip%
Liam OBrien
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@@ -43,8 +43,10 @@ * perform HTTPS requests with the {#link-module||http#}.

* use all the cryptographic symbols defined in the {#link-module||crypto#}. If this flag is not specified: + * It will not be possible to perform HTTPS requests * Only the following symbols will be exposed by the {#link-module||crypto#}: + * {#link-operator||crypto||md5#} * {#link-operator||crypto||sha1#} * {#link-operator||crypto||encode#}
M site/contents/learn-operators.mdsite/contents/

@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ ) operator

;; Calculates the square of n. The {#link-operator||lang||operator#} symbol provides way to: + * Specify the name of the symbol operator (**square** in this case) * Specify a signature to identify the type of the input and output values (in this case, the operator takes a numeric input value and produces a numeric output value). Also, note how inputs and outputs are captured into the `n` and `result` symbols in the signature quotation and then referenced in the body quotation. * Specify a quotation containing the code that the operator will execute.

@@ -44,11 +45,12 @@

Note that this feels like using {#link-operator||lang||define#}, but the main difference between {#link-operator||lang||lambda#} and {#link-operator||lang||define#} is that `lambda` only works on quotations doesn't auto-quote them, so that they are immediately evaluated when the corresponding symbol is pushed on the stack. Also note that unlike with {#link-operator||lang||operator#}, symbols defined with {#link-operator||lang||lambda#}: + * have no built-in validation of input and output values. * do not support the `return` symbol to immediately end their execution. * have no built-in stack pollution checks. -> %tip +> %tip% > Tip > > You can use {#link-operator||lang||lambda-bind#} to re-set a previously set lambda.