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A minimalist nosql document store.

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LiteStore is a lightweight, self-contained, RESTful, multi-format NoSQL document store server written in [Nim]( and powered by a [SQLite]( backend for storage. It aims to be a very simple and lightweight backend ideal for prototyping and testing REST APIs and single-page applications. -## Rationale - -If you ever wanted to build a simple single-page application in your favorite framework, just to try something out or as a prototype, you inevitably had to answer the question _"What backend should I use?"_ - -Sure, setting up a simple REST service using [Sinatra]( or [Express.js]( is not very hard, but if you want to distribute it, that backend will become a prerequisite for your app: you'll either distribute it with it, or install it beforehand on any machine you want to try your app on. Which is a shame, really, because single-page-applications are meant to be running anywhere _provided that they can access their backend_. - -LiteStore aims to solve this problem. When you use LiteStore as the backend for your app, you only need to take _two files_ with you, at all times: - -* The **litestore** executable file for your platform of choice (that's about 2MB in size) -* A data store file - -And yes, you can even store the code of your client-side application inside the datastore itself, along with your application data. - -## Key Features - -Despite being fairly small and self-contained, LiteStore comes with many useful features that are essential for many use cases. - -### Multi-format Documents - -LiteStore can be used to store documents in virtually any format, as long as you specify an appropriate content type for them. Textual documents are stored as-is, while binary documents are base64-encoded (not the best thing in the world, but definitely the easiest and most portal option). - -### Document Tagging +For more information, see: -You can add custom tags to documents to easily categorize them and retrieve them. Some system tags are also added automatically to identify the document content type, format and collection. +* [Getting Started](admin/md/ +* [Usage](admin/md/ -### Full-text Search - -By leveraging [SQLite FTS4 extension]( and implementing an enhanced algorithm for result rankings, LiteStore provides full-text search for all textual documents out-of-the-box. - -### RESTful HTTP API - -Every operation can be performed on the data store using a simple but powerful RESTful HTTP API, perfect for client-side, single-page applications. - -### Directory Bulk Import/Export - -To make serving a single-page application _from LiteStore_ even easier and faster, you can automatically import (and export) the contents of a directory recursively. - -### Directory Mounting and Mirroring - -After importing the contents of a directory into a LiteStore data store, you can _mount it_ on LiteStore and mirror all data store changes to the filesystem. Incidentally, that's how most of the LiteStore Admin test app was built [](class:fa-smile-o). +Or read the full [LiteStore User Guide](