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A minimalist nosql document store.

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### Architecture -![LiteStore Architecture](images/litestore_arch.png)+LiteStore is entirely developed using the [Nim]( programming language. It also embeds the [SQLite]( C library (statically linked), compiled with the [FTS4]( extension and a custom ranking function to provide full-text search support. + +The [litestore](class:file) executable file is entirely self-contained and is used to start/stop the LiteStore server, as well as perform maintenance and bulk operations via dedicated CLI commands. + +#### System Decomposition + +The following diagram illustrates the main LiteStore components. + +![LiteStore Architecture](images/litestore_arch.png) + +At the lowest level, the SQLite Library is used to manage data access and storage. The functionality provided by the SQLite Library is used by the main Core module, which exposes the main high-level procedures to manage LiteStore-specific artifacts (documents and tags). + +The Core module is then used by the two main interfaces exposed to users: + +* the Command-Line Interface, which can be used to run the server, import/export/delete data in bulk, and perform maintenance operations on the underlying datastore file (vacuum, optimize). +* the RESTful HTTP API, which can be used as the primary way to perform CRUD operation on documents, and manage document tags.
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### Use Cases +While LiteStore may not be the best choice for large data-intensive applications, it definitely shines when used for rapid prototyping and as a backend for small/lightweight applications. + #### Lightweight Document Store -#### SPA Prototyping Backend +LiteStore is, first and foremost a _document store_. Although it uses a relational database ([SQlite]( as a storage medium, it is NoSQL document store accessible via a rest API. -#### Personal Wiki/CMS Backend +As a document store, LiteStore provides the following features + +* You can save and retrieve data as arbitrary JSON documents but also as arbitrary documents of virtually any content type. +* You can query data using user-specified and system tags and/or via the native full-text search functionality (available only for textual documents). +* You can access data by the means of a RESTful API. + +#### SPA Prototyping Backend and Lightweight File Server + +LiteStore can be used as a backend for prototyping single-page application. You can use it as a simple RESTful service layer to manage your SPA data, but also as a web-server to serve your application files: all you have to do is import a phisical directory using the [litestore import](class:cmd) command and LiteStore will loads all the directory contents recursively as documents. + +Together with LiteStore's ability to mirror changes to the filesystem, you could even develop your single-page application live using LiteStore REST API to save and retrieve files. The LiteStore Admin SPA is an example of single-page application developed almost entirely with LiteStore. + +#### Lightweight RESTFul Virtual Filesystem + +By using the [import](class:cmd), [export](class:cmd) and [delete](class:cmd) commands, you can easily load and unload data to and from a physical directory. + +You could even use datastore files as file containers, with the advantage that (when served by LiteStore) you can also: + +* add arbitrary metadata using tags +* perform fast full-text searches + +> %warning% +> A note on datastore file size... +> +> Do not expect datastore files to occupy the same physical space as the original files on disk! Binary files are stored in datastore files as base64-encoded strings. This greatly simplifies storage and portability, but also makes stored binary contents roughly 33% larger than the original files. +> +> Additionally, extra space is used to store tag information and the full-text index, so... basically a datastore file is always larger than the total sizes of all the original files combined. + +#### Personal Wiki/CMS/App Backend + +LiteStore is the ideal backend for personal apps. You could create a wiki app or a simple CMS as a Javascript single-page application, and distribute it as a single datastore file. + +Your app could then be served on any desktop system able to run LiteStore (e.g. OSX, Windows, Linux, ...even on a [Raspberry Pi]( #### Static Site Backend -#### Lightweight File Server+LiteStore can be configured to run in read-only mode, so that only GET, HEAD, or OPTIONS request are accepted by the server. This makes it ideal as a backend for static web site generated with something like [nanoc]( or [Jekyll](